Port Commission


Regular Meetings of the Port Commission are held on the third Monday of each month, beginning at 7:00 p.m. unless a meeting has ben previously cancelled or postponed. 

Questions related to the City's public meetings? Contact your City Clerk's Office at cityclerk@cityofbethel.net


For more information on the Port Commission, please contact the Port of Bethel Office at 907-543-2310 or port@cityofbethel.net.






The Port Commission operates under the authority of the Bethel Municipal Code, Title 14 Chapter 3. 

The Port Commission shall:

  1. Regulate the operation of the port facilities by promulgating and providing recommendations to the Council on the terminal tariff containing rates, charges, rules, and regulations applicable at the port, subject to approval by the Council.
  2. Hear appeals of the decision of the Port Director.
  3. Periodically review the budget, capital improvement programs, funding of port facilities and systems, and report its findings to the City Council;
  4. Provide a forum for public comment and input regarding port operations.
  5. Review and provide recommendation to the Council regarding goals set forth in the City’s comprehensive plan as they relate to port operations. 
  6. Perform other such duties as the City Council may refer to it from time to time or as may be set out in Title 14 of this code.

The Port Commission may make recommendations to Council on:

  1. Existing or proposed federal, state, and city issues relevant to port operations.
  2. The operation, management, regulation, and control of the City’s public and private ground transportation facilities in accordance with Title 14 of this code.
  3. Necessary or proposed public improvements and the prioritization of the projects in the City’s annual and long-term capital improvement programs related to the port.


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