Planning Department

Come to the Planning Department if you need to build a new structure or add on to an old one. Below is a downloadable document that has procedures and fees. There are also application forms that you can download. 

MISSION STATEMENT: To encourage and foster thoughtful development practices while ensuring compliance with the  Bethel Municipal Code (BMC).

Primary responsibilities of the department are:
•    Assist citizens in regards to new development and rehab of property
•    Review applications regarding such development
•    Provide sound advice to advance responsible development
•    Enforce city code compliance as it relates to planning activities, health, and safety of the community
•    Ensure that floodplain development meets standards set forth through BMC, state, and federal regulations
•    Maintain permit records, files, and community data
•    Recommend changes to BMC that promote health, safety, and responsible development in the community
•    Keep abreast of planning issues on local, state and national levels