Property Damage Claim

A general description of the City's claims procedures is as follows:

A claim form must be submitted to the City of Bethel, Finance Department. 

A letter of acknowledgement with your claim number will be sent to you notifying you that your claim has been received. Please use this claim number when inquiring about your claim.

An investigation will be conducted. It is our practice, whenever possible, to complete our investigation within 45 days of receiving your claim or amendment to your claim. Again, be sure to follow the instructions for filing a claim on the reverse side of the Claim Form and include all of the requested information, including the names and addresses of all witnesses.

 You are required to provide written justification of the amount of your claim:

            a.        Property damage claims require two (2) estimates and photographs of the damage.

            b.        Personal injury claims require complete unaltered copies of all bills from treating physician(s) or other expenses that may have been incurred as a result of an injury. If you contend that you have incurred   a  wage loss, please provide appropriate supporting documentation with your claim.


Any request for information by the City of Bethel is not a commitment to pay your claim or an admission of liability. All of the information you submit will be evaluated together with the results of our investigation.

The evaluation of your claim may result in several actions, the most common being:

  1. A settlement offer, if all of the information has been submitted; or
  2. A formal denial. If a formal denial letter is sent to you, this means that our evaluation has determined that the City is not at fault and will not pay any money in response to your claim. You are free to write or speak to the City representative handling your claim and discuss the basis for the denial; or
  3. Postponement of any action until medical treatment has been completed and bills and/or appropriate wage loss forms and payroll records are submitted.

An appeal to the decision of the City Official representing the claim shall be in writing form to the City manager within 20 days from the date of the claim denial. 


For more information regarding the claims process, please email or call 907-543-2047 Ext. 246.