Public Records Requests

The City of Bethel provides access to public records and information to protect the citizens right to know.
The public records requests must be made in writing to the department that holds the records. If you do not know what department holds the records please send the request to the City Clerk's Office.

Please use the Public Records Request for Information Form (options below) and provide a detailed explanation of your request. In making your request please understand, the City of Bethel is not required to compile, summarize, outline, or in any other way create information to comply with a public records request. 

Forms for Public Requests for Information 

Online Public Request for Information

Downloadable/Printable Public Request for Information

Downloadable/Printable Police Department Request for Police Report 

Downloadable/Printable Police Department Request for Statistics 


Code Provisions Regulating Public Requests for Information 

Bethel Municipal Code Chapter 2.04, Access to Public Records

Bethel Municipal Code Chapter 2.44 Records Management 

Department Contact Information 

City Clerk's Office 




City Manager  

907-543-2047 ext. 223


Finance Department (utility billing/business licensing & sales tax) 

907-543-2047 ext. 228


Fire Department  



Human Resources 

907-543-2047 ext. 221


Planning Department  




Police Department  






Public Works Department