Start or Change Your Utility Services

For New Customers


Account Setup 

Please visit our Utility Billing Department, at 1155 Ridgecrest Drive, to set up your services.  When you arrive you will be asked to provide a  completed Application for Service and a copy of your valid government-issued picture identification. A water utility deposit equal to two months' service, and not less than $200 will be required, if the applicant does not have good credit history with the City. If you are new to the community, you can provide documentation showing good credit history with another utility to have your deposit waived. Good credit history is one in which the applicant (s) have not been delinquent more than once in the most recent twelve-month period. Your utility deposit may be refunded after two years of timely payments. 


When to Pay

Utility bills will be provided by the fifth of each month. The current charges due on your bill are payable when you receive the bill. Current charges are considered delinquent after the 25th of the billing month. If the amount due for current charges is not paid by the due date, your account will be subject to a late penalty. Any late penalties that are included on your bill must be paid. Questions regarding billed charges for service or payments should be directed to the City of Bethel, Utility Billing.


Delinquent Accounts

The City may discontinue services, if you are 15 days late with payment. Re-connection will only be made upon the payment of the past due amount, including penalties and nonpayment fees. If you cannot pay your bill by the due date, it may be possible to make payment arrangements by contacting Utility Billing at 907-543-1393.


What Your Rate Covers

Water, sewer and solid waste services are not paid for by taxes in the City of Bethel. Costs to the City associated with utility infrastructure – treatment facilities, pump stations, water and sewer lines – and operations – treatment, maintenance, service extension, billing, refuse containers and the fleet – are borne directly by utility customers through their utility rates. The City's rates are set by the City Council to cover the anticipated costs of running the utility. 

The City of Bethel used information in the City of Bethel Water and Sewer Cost Allocation and Rate Study, by CH2MHILL (2013)  which was used to establish the City's current utility rates. On July 1, of each your utility rates will increase by 3% to account for inflation. 


Senior Citizen Utility Credit

Applicants ages sixty-five (65) years of age and older residing in their own household shall receive a twenty-five-dollar ($25) monthly utility credit. 


New Construction Connections

Piped Water and Sewer

If you would like to apply to have your home/building connected to the City's piped utility, please submit the Piped Connection Application to Utility Billing. If you have questions regarding this process, please contact our Public Works Department at 907-543-3110. 


Hauled Water and Sewer 

If you are initiating services for a new home/building or have replaced your water and/or sewer tanks, you will need to have your tanks inspected by our utility personnel before services can be provided or resumed. Please fill out the Water and Sewer Tank Inspection Form and submit it to Utility Billing for processing.   


Existing Customers

Service Changes

To modify the service dates to more frequent or infrequent intervals, or to put a temporary hold on your services, please complete the Change in Service Requests Form. If you are placing a temporary hold on your service, you will still be billed the water and sewer subscription fees as well as the hauled refuse charges.

 Temporary disconnections for water and sewer services can be made by submitting the Temporary Service Disconnection Request to the Utility Billing Department.  


Extra Call and/or Haul for Service 

Please NOTE, there are special rates for the Extra Call/Hall services. Additionally, for any extra call for water made, there will be an equivalent extra haul for service provided and charged to prevent tank overflow. Charges for the Extra Service Request  (utility rates) will be applied to your next month's bill. 

To request services outside of your regularly scheduled service day please submit and Extra Call for Service Request Form to the Utility Billing Department. If your request is made before 2:00 p.m. during regular business days, your extra service will likely be provided the same day, pending no other service delays; if requested after 2:00 p.m., the services will be made the following business day, pending no other service delays.

*The City has the right to refuse Extra Calls for Service or to modify the extra calls for service schedule for any reason. 

If the extra service request is emergent and you need services the same day regardless of the time, you may submit the Extra Call for Service Request form to the Utility Billing Department if they are open or you may call 907-545-4695 if the utility billing department is not open, for after-hours request. The account holder will be required to pay an additional $150 to account for our utility personnel working outside of their regular shift. You will be required to provide the Account Number, Service Address, Account Holder Name,  Billing Address and the total number of gallons need at the time of service request. If this information is not provided, the Extra Service Request cannot be made.

If an extra call for service is requested by the utility personnel is unable to provide the service because of frozen lines or the pathway is blocked, the customer will be charged as if the services had been fulfilled. 


Closing Your Utility Account

For permanent disconnection/closure of services, please submit the Account Closure Request Form at least three days before the turn-off date.