Utility Rates and General Information

Water and Sewer 

Water and sewer systems throughout the community are very different, and so is the billing. If you are new to our community, the information below should help you to become more acquainted with how our utilities are provided.  


Piped Water and Sewer

If you are a residential customer on the piped water and sewer system, you are charged a flat rate each month for your services. 

If you are a commercial customer, which includes any rental unit with three or more dwellings, you are charged a metered rate.   


Hauled Water and Sewer 

If you are a customer on hauled water and/or sewer, you are charged by the amount of water delivered to the property. There are two different zones for hauled services. When reviewing your bill, take a look at the Zone Map make sure you are billed correctly for the zone in which you live. 


Water and Sewer Extra Service Requests, Hauled Utilities

Please NOTE, there are special rates for the Extra Call/Hall services. Additionally, for any extra call for water made, there will be an equivalent extra haul for service provided and charged to prevent tank overflow. Charges for the Extra Service Request will be applied to your next months bill. 

To request services outside of your regularly scheduled service day please submit and Extra Call for Service Request Form to the Utility Billing Department. If your request is made before 2:00 p.m. during regular business days, your extra service will be provided; if requested after 2:00 p.m., the services will be made the following business day.

If the extra service request is emergent and you need services the same day regardless of the time, you may submit the Extra Call for Service Request form to the Utility Billing Department if they are open or you may call 907-545-4695 if the utility billing department is not open, for after hours request. The account holder will be required to pay an additional $150 to account for our utility personnel working outside of their regular shift. You will be required to provide the Account Number, Service Address, Account Holder Name,  Billing Address and the total number of gallons need at the time of service request. If this information is not provided, the Extra Service Request can not be made.

If an extra call for service is requested by the utility personnel is unable to provide the service because of frozen lines or the pathway is blocked, the customer will be charged as if the services had been fulfilled. 


Holiday Schedule Changes

If your regularly scheduled delivery date falls on one of the following recognized city holidays, you will receive services one day in advance: 

New Year's Day

Independence Day

Thanksgiving Day

Christmas Day


Port-a-Potty Rental   

The City provide rentals of Port-A-Potties. Contact Utility Billing for more information. 



Solid Waste – Garbage


Bethel residential are charges a flat rate for the maintenance and collection of community dumpsters. There is no roadside pick up in our community. Please take your trash to one of our conveniently dumpsters. 



Commercial customer rates are based on the size of your dumpster and the frequency of pickup. There are several dumpster size options. If you regularly have space in your dumpster each week, consider downsizing; if you require an extra haul of your container, up-sizing could save you money.


General Information 

There are restrictions on the use of dumpsters. We ask that you take large items such as beds, furniture, appliances and construction debris, directly to the landfill. We provide residential customers one free haul each day. City landfill personnel will be there during regular business hours to assist you inside the gate. 

The landfill is full of items with plenty of useful life remaining, if you are interested in salvaging items, we have a Salvage Permit Application for you to complete. This permit must be obtained before you will be allowed to enter the landfill for salvaging purposes. 

Our landfill is open to the public, Monday through Saturday from 8:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. Closed on the City recognized holidays. 


Landfill Salvaging 

The City prohibits the accessibility of the landfill for the purpose of salvaging items unless a Landfill Salvaging Permit Application is submitted and approved. 


Prohibited Items in the landfill and Dumpsters

The following list can not be put into our community dumpsters or in the landfill. For questions on how to property dispose of these items, please contact the Public Works Department at 907-543-3110. 

Acids, Polluted Soils, Oily Waste, Radioactive Waste, Hazardous Waste, Untreated Medical Waste, Sewage, Used Oil, Corrosives, Solvents, Explosives, Glycol, batteries, Asbestos, Gas or Diesel, Paint.


Landfill Contact Information 

End of Ridgecrest Drive



 Utility Rates

 Piped Services

Residential Piped Water Flat Rate

Residential Piped Sewer Flat Rate




Commercial Water Metered Per Gallon



Commercial Sewer Metered Per Gallon