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Our goal is to recruit and retain a highly qualified and diverse municipal workforce, provide opportunities that promote professional development and to foster a safe, healthy, and productive work environment that will allow us to provide quality services to the public.

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Volunteer Application Requirements

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We value your interest in becoming involved in one of the United States’ most time-honored traditions, volunteering. Before entry into your Bethel Fire Department Firefighter or E.M.T. academy, there are a few simple steps that must be taken.

1. Fill out completely and return your application either online or in-person. You may opt to scan and email the application to

2. Obtain an Interested Persons Report from the Alaska State Troopers, located at 3200 Chief Eddie Hoffman Highway, (907) 543-2294. The cost is $20 for the criminal background check (at the AST Bethel Post). Obtain a Driver History Report from the Alaska Department of Motor Vehicles, located at 300 Chief Eddie Hoffman Highway or online at: The cost for the Driver History Report is $10. You will need one picture I.D. and payment must NOT be made with cash.

3. Submit copies of the following:

A. Alaska Driver's License or Alaska I.D.
B. CPR Card (if you have one).
C. Fire certificates or training certificates (pertinent to the fire service).
D. State of Alaska EMT Certification (if you have one).

4. Submit all vaccination and test records that you have. After acceptance of your application and confirmation of your membership you will be required to be vaccinated and or tested free of charge for the diseases listed below (unless you’ve already documented this information with us).

A. Hepatitis A (two shot series)
B. Hepatitis B (three shot series)
C. TB Testing (all members once yearly)
E. HIV Testing (all members once yearly)
F. M.M.R.
G. Pneumonia (optional, recommended)
H. Flu (optional, recommended)

5. Fill out and return I.R.S. W-4 form and I-9 form.

Again, we welcome you to the Bethel Fire Department and look forward to receiving your application. Please call us at (907) 543-2131 or send an email to if you have any questions or concerns regarding the application process or volunteering at the Bethel Fire Department.