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Address Labeling Ordinance 18-21

Change to Bethel Address Sign Requirements


  • On September 11, 2018, the Bethel City Council adopted Ordinance #18-21 an ordinance that created new requirements for address signs.


  • This ordinance becomes effective December 11, 2018.


  • This ordinance aims to improve the visibility of address numbers in emergencies, especially at night.


  • All Bethel Homes and Businesses are required to have retro-reflective address numbers affixed at a location plainly visible from the public way (road).


  • Numbers must be a minimum of four inches in height and be affixed to a contrasting plaque.  Bethel Fire, Planning and Police departments recommend a reflective contrasting plaque.


  • Homes or business that are not visible from the road must have reflective numbers mounted on a post or monument at the access to the property from the road.


  • Businesses, large campuses or other large developments should see the Planning and Fire departments for additional requirements in Alaska Fire code.


  • There is a $30 fine for non-compliance.  Copies of the approved ordinance can be found on the web at cityofbethel.org


  • Address signs can be ordered through the Bethel Emergency Services Association (BVESA) at the Bethel Fire Station Monday through Saturday 9 A.M. 5 P.M. or by calling 543-2131.  Address signs are $25 each including tax.


  • Signs may be ordered from any vendor that provides 4-inch retro reflective numbers.


For any questions or comments, please contact Fire Chief Daron Solesbee at (907) 543-2131 or via email at fire@cityofbethel.net.

Bethel Fire Department 

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Phone: 907-543-2047 Ext. 701

Email: fire@cityofbethel.net

City of Bethel Ordinance 18-21 Address Labeling Requirements