Hauled Water and Sewer Services

Office Hours and Telephone Number
Monday through Friday: 8:00am to 4:00pm. 
Open to the Public: Monday through Friday 10am to 2pm.

We can be contacted at 907-543-2023 during regular business hours. For afterhours call 907-545-4695.

General Information and Forms for Water and Sewer Utilities

Water, Sewer and Garbage Utility - City of Bethel, Alaska


How To Prevent Service Interruptions
  • Keep a clear path to the water and sewer tanks.  This includes any obstruction such as parked vehicles, freezer vans, snow piles, toys, bikes, snowmachines, 4 wheelers, etc.
  • Don't tie up pets at the water or sewer tank area.  Keep area clean of animal feces so as not to contaminate hoses or the boots of the drivers.
  • Keep driveways and sewer camlocks clear of snow drifts.
  • Have sewer tanks thawed out before day of service or before the evacuation drivers stop to service the tank.
  • Keep water fill pipes clear of snow and ice so the tank can be filled.
  • Keep water overflow pipes clear of snow and ice to prevent possible flooding of the water tank.
  • Keep driveway pads in shape to handle the weight of the water and sewer trucks.

Q.  Is the water in the trucks safe to drink?

A.  Yes.  The water goes directly from the treatment plant into the trucks.  Plus, once a month each truck has a sample taken from them and that is sent off to a lab to be tested to ensure our customers are getting safe, quality water. Check out our most recent Water Quality Report

Q.  What do I do if I run out of water or my sewer tank seems to be full and it isn't my service day?

A.  You can call 543-1393 to request an extra service call.  If you need service after 5pm you may call 907-545-4695, a $150 after hours fee may be charged.

Q.  Are the trucks metered to know how many gallons was delivered?

A.  No.  We can only approximate how many gallons of water is put in each water tank.  We try to keep the trucks running to where they pump around 100 gallons per minute, but since anything mechanical is subject to breakdowns or slowdowns, it is not an exact science and the average can dip to as low as 65 gallons per minute.  Our wastewater trucks have no way to approximate how fast or slow the vacuum may be operating.

Q.  I received a blue tag and didn't get service on my regular day.  Why am I charged extra to receive services that I've already paid for through my monthly bill?

A.  It is the customer's responsibility to make sure that the tanks are accessible and clear of debris, ice and snow.  Also keeping toys, snow machines, boats, pallets, etc., out of the way will keep your services on schedule.  As we are only in certain parts of town on certain days, and your address is signed up to be serviced on a specific day, it costs the city extra to service on a non-service day.

Q.  I found a blue tag concerning my dog and/or a dog mess.  Why does that cause an interruption to my services?

A.  Our drivers should not be faced with the risk of getting bit by a dog or to run the hose through dog feces, these situations cause a safety and health concern. 

Q.  My service day was within the last couple days and I'm out of water already.  Was I skipped?

A.  Usually not.  Even though that is a possibility, that rarely happens.  The more common reasons for running out of water is a toilet or faucet left running.  If it's winter time, the fill pipe or overflow pipe may have been frozen which prevents the drivers from filling the water tank properly.  A good way to tell if your water tank was accidentally skipped is to check for a blue tag.  If there is not a blue tag, then dip your sewer tank.  If it is full, the water more than likely drained into the sewer tank.

Q.  Are the drivers required to leave blue tags for non-service?

A.  No.  We do this as a courtesy only.  There are times when drivers can't leave tags for a variety of reasons, however, they really do try to leave them as it makes it easier on both the driver and their customers.

Q.  Do we still get services on holidays?

A.  Our drivers work all but 4 holidays.  They do not work on Fourth of July, Thanksgiving, Christmas Day or New Year's Day.  For those, they try to do the services one day in advance, starting on the Sunday before the holiday.


Water and Sewer Zone Map

The City's hauled services are broken out into two separate zones for billing purposes.