Landfill and Hauled Refuse

Hours of Operation

Landfill: Monday through Saturday, 8:00am to 6:00pm
Utility Billing and Permitting:
Monday through Friday 10:00am to 2:00 pm

How to Contact Us

For questions regarding utility services and charges you may call our Utility Billing Department at 543-1393 or email
For questions regarding landfill operations, you may call our Landfill Office at 543-7711. 

General Information and Forms for Water and Sewer Utilities

Water, Sewer and Garbage Utility - City of Bethel, Alaska



Trash Collection

Bethel is unique in that our city does not have curbside trash collection. There are dumpsters placed in all the neighborhoods for everyone to use. You are not limited to using only the dumpsters in your area.  However, there are private dumpsters around town and those are usually marked.

Private Dumpsters

If you find you need a private dumpster, contact the Utility Billing Office. 

Litter Control Around the Dumpsters

Our drivers try their best to keep all trash that spills out of the dumpster as they raise it into the truck picked up. They ask that the community do not overfill the dumpsters or to make sure the trash is put into the dumpster, not set down next to them. If you find the dumpster in your area is not getting service often enough, you can call 543-1393 to request that dumpster to be emptied more often. The drivers normally keep a good watch on this as it makes the job easier for them if the dumpsters aren't overfilled and the dumpster pads are clear of trash and debris.

Non-Dumpster Items

The dumpsters are for household trash. Anything that would normally fit in a trash can is allowed. What must be taken to the landfill: Construction debris, (lumber or nails) furniture, appliances, car parts, motors, snow machines, four wheelers, paint, tree cuttings and brush, any oils, (cooking or otherwise), and pallets. We can't take these things as the hopper in the dumpster truck crushes and small parts or slivers get caught in the mechanism and breaks the truck down. Remember, private citizens are provided one bulky item pick up per year during our Clean up, Green up season (May through July) to help keep these things out of the dumpsters, just call our Utility Department to set up your pick up. Also, residents are able to take one truck load of trash to the landfill per day for free. 
Illegal dumping may result in fines, we need your help to keep our public dumpster areas free of hazardous and nuisance items.

Junk Vehicles


If you are the owner of a vehicle and wish to dispose of the vehicle at the public landfill, you must first complete the Landfill Vehicle Disposal and Property Release form. This form can be emailed to or dropped of at City Hall, 300 Chief Eddie Hoffman Highway. 

You can bring your junk vehicle to the landfill for FREE following the submission of the form and approval from our utilities representatives. Our utility representatives will provide the form to our landfill team who will accept the vehicle. The landfill will not accept the vehicle unless the form has been submitted to our utility department first. 

Click Here for more Information on Junk Vehicle Removal