Water Treatment

Water Treatment Facilities 

City Subdivision Water Treatment Plant

Location: 235 Akiak Drive 

Phone Number: 907-543-5024

The City Subdivision Water Treatment Plan provides piped service for City Subdivision and the newly installed Institutional Corridor line which extends down State Highway. In addition to the piped services, this plant services the hauled water utility as well. 


Bethel Heights Water Treatment Plan

Location: 900 Ridgecrest 

Phone Number: 907-543-5820

The Bethel Heights Water Treatment Plan provides piped service for Housing Subdivision as well as hauled water services. This is the plant you would also go to if you transport your own water. 


 Water Quality Topics

The City of Bethel is constantly monitoring the communities water system. Each year the City publishes the Drinking Water Quality Report that summarizes water quality information for the year as required under the federal Safe Drinking Water Act. If you have any questions related to the Report, please contact the City of Bethel Public Works Department.