Address and Zoning Map - Printable

This map indicates what each of the areas of town fall under as far as zoning regulations, address numbers and street names broken up by area of town. 

For more information regarding our zoning regulations please go to the City of Bethel Municipal Code Title 18


City of Bethel Land Status Map

This map indicates ownership rights for property in Bethel. 


Army Corps of Engineers Wetland Exclusion Permit Map 

This map depicts the areas excluded from the Bethel General Permit.   This map is not intended for use in determining applicability of GP POA-2016-476 for specific projects. A map is available for such use at the City of Bethel Planning Department, and the Alaska District, Corps of Engineers, Regulatory Division. Main view coordinate system ins NAD_1983_2011_Alaska_Albers. For planning purposes only.