Youth Committee/Commission Member

MY CITY is a City of Bethel Youth Involvement program that works to expand youth participation in municipal government. Through our Youth Committee/Commission Membership opportunities, we invite youth, ages 14-17, to serve as a committee/commission youth member for one year in an effort to engage and educate our youth residents on how their local government operates.


If a youth resident is interested in participating in the program, the City of Bethel asks for the youth volunteer to confirm they can:

  • Dedicate 4-6 hours each month to the committee/commission they are appointed.
  • Attend the regular scheduled meetings unless for good cause are unable.
  • Be prepared for the public meetings prior to attending the meeting (review the packet material, identify questions and talking points.)
  • Arrive to the committee/commission meeting they are appointed to early and depart the meeting within ten minutes following adjournment.
  • Participate in the program with respect to other members, staff, the public, and the process.


If you want to learn more about which Committee or Commission is right for you, check out our Committee/Commission General Information linked below:
Committee/Commission List and Web Link to Info Page Day & Time of Regular Meeting
Community Action Grant Committee Meeting Time Varies
Community Parks and Recreation Committee Second Monday of Every Month
Finance Committee Fourth Monday of Every Month
Port Commission Third Monday of Every Month
Public Safety and Transportation Commission First Wednesday of Every Month
Public Works Committee Third Wednesday of Every Month


Each of the committees and commissions are made up of 9 volunteer members that meet for a few hours each month. Their meeting agendas focus on a review of municipal policy, projects, budgets, and goals. The membership works hard to provide recommendations to the City Council on policy actions. We are inviting our community youth members to speak up and share with us ideas on how to make their city stronger.

If you have questions about the program, please contact your City Clerk's Office


Youth Committee/Commission Application

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