Apply for a Committee or Commission

In order to be eligible for appointment to any Board, Commission, Committee or Task Force (Council’s Appointed Officials) a person shall be a qualified elector (registered voter) of the incorporated area of the City of Bethel and a resident for at least six months.

Question 1

Do you (or an immediate family member) currently own or operate a business in the City of Bethel? If so please provide the name and the type of business.

Question 2

Are you (or an immediate family member) a member of a board of directors, officer of, or hold a management position with an organization that has financial dealings of one thousand dollars or more in value with the City of Bethel? If so please provide the name and type of business. 

Question 3

Do you currently have a direct or indirect financial business interest with the City of Bethel, to include contracting, leaseholder, employee? If so please provide the name and type of Business.

Have you been a resident of Bethel for at least six months?

By clicking submit, I declare that I understand that an appointment to a City's committee or commission is a voluntary , appointed position to be confirmed by the Bethel City Council. I further understand that this application is public information and that the merits of my appointment may be discussed at a public forum. In addition, my name may be published in a newspaper or other media outlet. 

I have read and am familiar with Bethel Municipal Code 2.05 and agree to comply with the regulations set forth therein. 

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