Finance Committee


The Finance Committee meets the fourth Monday of every month beginning at 6:30 p.m. 

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For more information about the Finance Committee, please call the Finance Department at 907-543-3150 or email

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The Finance Committee is under the authority of Bethel Municipal Code, Chapter 2.60.170. The duties of the Finance Committee include but are not limited to:

Reviewing and making recommendations to the council on:

    1. Finance-related policies and procedures.
    2. Monthly financial reports of revenues, and expenditures.
    3. The City’s investment funds.
    4. Capital planning and implementation of projects.
    5. Progress toward achieving the organization’s vision, accomplishing goals, and implementing benchmarks for the budget process. 
    6. The annual budget and budget process.
    7. The progress toward achieving the goals set out in the City’s comprehensive plan as they relate to finance. 

The Finance Committee also provides a forum for public comment and input regarding the city’s budget, audit, sales tax collection, business licenses operations, purchasing procedures, and other such topics related to the City’s finances.


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