Note: This page does not reflect the changes made to Title 4 effective January 1, 2024.

In order to operate a marijuana or alcohol establishment or provide liquor distribution in the community of Bethel, business must first obtain a conditional use permit from the City of Bethel and a Marijuana or Alcohol License from the State of Alaska.

More information on the State's requirements from licensing can be found on the Alaska Alcohol and Marijuana Control Office website. 

More information on the City's Conditional Use Permitting Requirements can be found on our Planning Departments website.

The Bethel Municipal Code provisions that relate to Alcohol are Bethel Municipal Code 5.08

The Bethel Municipal Code provisions that relate to Marijuana are Bethel Municipal Code 5.10


In addition to the State of Alaska, Alcohol Beverage Control Board's permit requirements, the City of Bethel requires the distribution of alcohol to the public for special events and occasions outside of legally authorized and licensed establishments to be through the City of Bethel Alcohol Permit Application.


City of Bethel Special Events and Restaurant Caterer's Dinner Permit Application   The processing of this form can take up to 30 days.