Website Acknowledgement and Credits

The City of Bethel is very appreciative for the many contributions that people have made to the website, without which the website would not have much of the content, both words and pictures, that it contains. Many of the photos found within our site are those of our residents. The following people have made contribution to the website in the form of photo rights: 


Sandra Allen

CeCe Corvera

Marsha Riley

Nick Hawk

Richard Ramos

Luke Ameigh

Nicholas Sanders

Russell Lamont Jr. 

Cheryl Joseph

Jessica Flickinger

Lily Reichard

Robert Anthony

Natalie Hayes

Lucille Olrun

Joseph Cheif

Margaret Minock

Brian Hughes

Nicholas Zito

Sallie Holtz

Danielle Shawgo

Chrissie Sallaffie

Lisa Amarok

Erica Jung

Carla Snow

Adrian Wasillie

Kenlynn Slats

Victor Bee

Raphael Martins 

Nikki Corbett

Traci Maczynski

Eileen Arnold

Rosa Rogers

Carol Ausdahl

Allison Samuelson

Kristin Kunoff

Jessica Villon

Nicholas Zito

NOla Vienup

Daisy Thompson

Annarose Agnus

Jeffery Evon

Jess Brooks

Norman Japhet

Nick Charles

Amy Mute

Jackie HOffman

Ashleigh Naneng

Megan Schlenker

Paula Evan

Robert Anthony

Jessica Simmons

Jayna Kelly 

Charlene Wuya

Ignace Matthias 

Francine Chiklak

Martin (JoeJoe) Prince

Molly Grahm

Charity Fitka

Sinea Williams