Address Map - With detailed zoom

This detailed map shows in one view with a zoom-able option all of the street names and addresses in Bethel. 


Address Map - Printable

This 22 page document shows address numbers and street names broken up by area of town. 


Bethel Zoning Map

This map indicates what each of the areas of town fall under as far as zoning regulations. For more information regarding our zoning regulations please go to the City of Bethel Municipal Code Title 18


State Owned Streets Map

No all streets within the City of Bethel are maintained or owned by the City. This map indicates what streets fall under the State jurisdiction. 


City of Bethel Land Status Map

This map indicates ownership rights for property in Bethel. 


ARMY Corps of Engineers General Permit Wetland Exclusion Map 

This map depicts the area excluded from Bethel's General Permit meaning areas outside of the red lines on this map are required to apply for a wetlands permit for any ground work.