Finance Department

Administration and Budget Division

The Finance Administration & Budget Division provides department leadership over the finance divisions. This division develops and manages the city-wide Operating Budget, the City’s investment portfolio and also provides staff support to the the Finance Committee.

Business Licensing and Sales Tax Division

The Revenue Division provides customer service and collection services for business license holders and sales tax collection. The collect payments for various City tax programs, including: Sales Tax, Excise Tax, Transient LodgingTax, fees associated with games of skill and chance, Marijuana and Alcohol Tax.

Purchasing Division

The Purchasing Division is responsible for supporting the procurement of all City materials, supplies, equipment, and maintenance services. The purchasing process involves the administration and preparation of insurance requirements, bonding, accounts payable, and maintenance of all files related to purchases.

Accounting Division

The Accounting Division is responsible for the City’s general accounting, management of the City’s general ledger, and preparation of internal and external financial reports and statements. The division also manages city-wide payroll and benefits, accounts receivable, bank reconciliation, accountability of fixed assets, and special assessment administration.

Business Licensing

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