Committees & Commissions

Community Action Grant Technical Review Board

The City of Bethel has established a Community Action Grant (CAG) Program to allow community organizations and individuals to request financial support from the City for civic programs or events that contribute to the health, welfare and overall lives of the residents of Bethel, especially its most vulnerable population.

The purpose of the grant program is to advance and enhance the community’s opportunities, sustainability, and well-being. The City encourages projects and programs with components that foster community wellness, directly impact the community’s vulnerable population(s) and/or provide civic engagement of Bethel residents and project beneficiaries.

Energy Committee

The Energy Committee assists the community and the City of Bethel in saving money by reducing the amount of energy and resources needed to maintain the same or better quality of life.

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee addresses ways to increase revenue and cut expenditures for the City and make recommendations to the City Council.

Planning Commission

The Planning Commission is comprised of seven members who must be residents of the City. Duties of the Commission include but are not limited to the following:  Land Development, and the comprehensive plan; review all proposed rezoning requests; hear and decide all permit applications that require a public hearing; hear and decide appeals of permit decisions by the City Planner; and investigate capital improvement programs. 

Port Commission

The Port Commission operates under the authority of the Bethel Municipal Code,Title 14 Chapter 3. The Commission establishes tariffs and rates for the Port of Bethel and its subdivisions. The main objective of the Commission is to review all Port related matters and make informed recommendations to the City Council regarding Port activities.

Public Safety and Transportation Commission

The Public Safety and Transportation Commission works under the authority of Bethel Municipal Code 2.25 and 5.20. Duties of the Commission include but are not limited to: regulate all regulated vehicles, chauffeurs and dispatch services; hold public hearings to investigate the quality of services rendered by regulated vehicles, permits, chauffeurs and dispatch services and shall make recommendations to the City Council as it deems necessary for the improvement of such services.

Public Works Committee

The Public Works Committee is under the authority of Bethel Municipal Code 2.22. The Committee provides recommendations to administration and the Council on various issues such as the maintenance of City owned buildings and property, water and sewer infrastructure, solid waste disposal and streets and roads maintenance.