Animal Control

The Bethel Police Department is hard at work defending your safety by picking up abandoned, stray, or wild animals causing nuisance to the public. 


The Department is interested in returning animals to their owners and finding good homes for those who are abandoned. We work closely with Bethel Friends of Canines to ensure that every adoptable animal is given the best chance at finding a good home.

If your animal has gone missing, please come to the Police Department to see if it is pictured on our impound log. We take pictures of every animal we impound.

If your animal is not pictured
leave a detailed description with our dispatcher and we will contact you if we find an animal matching your description. 

Interested in adopting an animal from the pound? Please contact the Department to set up an appointment with our CSO William Charles or CSO Julius Rankin.



Please bring exact cash or check.


Animal Adoption (Including License)$25.00
Animal Licensing (AVID Chip)$20.00
Destruction of Animal (Euthanization)$30.00
Animal Impound

$25.00 First Day

$20.00 Each Day After

Quarantine (10 Days)$15.00 Each Day